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So where do I go from here?

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So where do I go from here?

When you study in Melbourne, you�re not only living in one of the world�s great cities. You�re also tapping into the mainframe. You�re connecting to the world economy. You are studying, working towards your future.

All the schools, universities and vocational training institutions have websites. Visit them. Talk to your careers adviser. If members of your own family, or your friends have studied in Melbourne, talk to them. There�s no shortage of information.

Once you�ve made up your mind, contact the institution and begin the process or contact us . Study in Melbourne can take you anywhere. But wherever it takes you, we guarantee it will be a life changing experience. When you finish you�ll have a qualification from one of the world�s great learning centres. Your qualifications, your knowledge, your life experience will take you wherever your dreams lead you.

No matter where your journey takes you, it begins right here. In Melbourne, Victoria.