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Will there be someone to help me?

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Will there be someone to help me?

Even if someone from your family has studied here in the past, or you have friends or relatives living here, you�re still in a new country, a new learning environment. The rewards are enormous, but it�s a challenge. That�s why we go to great lengths to make it as easy as possible for students, and their families.

All Victorian teachers, whether at school, universities or vocational education and training facilities, have considerable experience in the special needs of overseas students. They make themselves accessible to all students, particularly those from overseas.

You�ll get help finding accommodation that�s secure, convenient and pleasant to live in. Support networks are provided that will help with everything from finding your way around the campus to making friends. Someone can meet you at the airport on your arrival if there isn�t anyone here to do so for you. There are orientation programs to help you settle in.

Student welfare support and counselling services are always available. We encourage students to ask for help if they think they need it, even, perhaps, before they need it.

They�ll help you get more out of your studies.

And more out of living in Victoria.