Useful Information

Moving to a new place can sometimes be a challenge but in Melbourne we go to great lengths to make visitors feel welcome. You�ll never be lost in the crowd here. For one thing, there�ll be lots of other students from your country already studying here. They�ll have made links with the local community, wherever they�re studying; and wherever they�re living. We�ll make sure you get in contact with them.

There are also many other resources here to help you. Below is a list of useful websites and phone numbers.

In addition to these resources, all the education institutions have support and resources for international students. Visit their websites to find out more or contact the International Students centre.

Important Contact Numbers and Websites

24 Hour Emergency Numbers

  • Police/ Ambulance/ Fire � emergency 000; non-urgent police matters 131 444
  • Nurse-On-Call � Providing immediate, expert health advice – 1300 606 024
  • Lifeline- Confidential Counselling Service – 131 114 or visit the Lifeline website


International Phone Calls

Inbound calls

  • Australia�s country code is 61
  • Victoria’s area code is 03 (from within Australia)
  • When calling Australia from overseas – dial +61 3

Outbound calls

  • To call your family and friends overseas – dial 0011, country code, area code, number


Consulates by Country

  • Canada (03) 9653 9674
  • China (03) 9822 0604
  • Germany (03) 9864 6888
  • India (03) 9384 0141
  • Indonesia (03) 9525 2755
  • Japan (03) 9639 3244
  • South Korea (02) 9210 0201
  • Malaysia (02) 6273 1543
  • Pakistan (02) 9299 3066
  • Singapore (02) 6273 3944
  • Sri Lanka (03) 9898 6760
  • Thailand (03) 9533 9100
  • United Kingdom (03) 9652 1600
  • United States of America (03) 9526 5900
  • Vietnam (02) 9327 2539

(03) is a Melbourne number; (02) a Sydney number.
For a full list of consulates visit the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website.


Health and Wellbeing

  • Drugs and Alcohol �
  • Health Services and Ideas �
  • Immigrant Women’s Domestic Violence Service –
    This site has information on domestic violence in several languages, and offers a telephone service with interpreters. It is also a source of information for migrant women regarding rights and legal concerns.
    Also, see the Health Services section of this website





  • Arrow – 132 211
  • Northern Suburban – 131 119
  • Silver Top – 131 008
  • Yellow Cabs – 132 227


  • Geelong Radio Cabs – 131 008 (local only)
  • Ballarat Taxis � 131 008 (local only)
  • Bairnsdale � Riviera Taxis 131 008 (local only)

Travellers Aid � Offers information and assistance for travellers; 225 Bourke Street (Level 3), Flinders Street Station and South Cross Station, Melbourne.  For more information on Travelloers Aids locations please visit

For more info on Travellers Aid’s locations pls visit



Commercial Radio Australia –

International Radio programs

International Television programs � SBS is Australia�s best foreign language channel

International Newspapers and Magazines � see your newsagency.



Legal Services

  • Victoria Legal Aid –
    Victoria Legal Aid helps disadvantaged Victorians with their legal problems.
  • Legal Services Commissioner of Victoria –
    Victoria’s Legal Services Commissioner is responsible for the receipt, investigation and resolution of complaints about lawyers.



Workplace Rights Advocate

The Office of the Workplace Rights Advocate (OWRA) supports and promotes fair and cooperative workplace practices in Victoria.

An employment rights legal centre which provides assistance to Victorian workers about their rights at work.


Tax File Number

A Tax File Number (TFN) is a number issued by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and is needed for employment and when opening bank accounts. Visit the Australian Taxation Office website for further information on what a Tax File Number is, why you need one and how to apply for (or enquire about) a Tax File Number.


Who can you talk to in your own country?

You might have friends or family who have studied in Victoria. Even if you don�t there are people in your country who can help you.

The Australian Government has Australian Education Consultants in many countries. They�ll provide professional and impartial advice about studying and living in Melbourne and other parts of Victoria. They�ll help you apply for a course and a visa, although they can�t process applications for you. Find out how to get in touch with them from your nearest Australian embassy or diplomatic post, or visit the Australian Government’s Deparment of Immigration and Citizenship website.

Whoever you talk to, we guarantee they�ll tell you one thing: studying in Melbourne will change your life.

Whatever you want to do, whatever your dreams, your future starts here.