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You'll feel at home in Melbourne.


The people of Victoria come from more than 248 countries, speak more than 289 languages and follow more than 130 faiths. Our population diversty is constantly changing.  So wherever you come from, there'll be people living here from the same place.

Melbourne is a multicultural city; one that embraces diversity. Supermarkets are stocked with food from around the world, and there are many specialist grocery stores, some of which are no different from the ones at home.

Click here to view some fast facts on Victoria's population and migration, based on the 2006 Census.

The official Australian Government culture and recreation website has more information about the Australian way of life. Visit the website and you'll see how easy living in Melbourne can be.

See a list of Aussie slang words and their meanings.


"Melbourne is very beautiful and the people are friendly and helpful. There are people from many countries living very peacefully together."

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