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Working while Studying

Eligibility to Work

Unlike other countries, holders of an Australian student visa are normally eligible to work in Australia. It will help with your finances, and you�ll also gain practical experience in the area you�re studying. This is particularly useful if you�re planning to stay in Melbourne, Victoria. Employers here place great importance on practical experience as well as academic qualifications.


Limits and Looking for Work

The Australian Government allows international students to work up to 20 hours a week during the academic term and full-time during vacations, provided their visa conditions allow it. Most institutions have employment services that can help you find work. Seek, Career One and Careerjet are good places to start looking for work.


Bringing Your Family

If you plan on bringing your family (your spouse and dependent children) with you, you will need to make additional arrangements. Your family members can apply for unrestricted permission to work if you are a Master by research or Doctorate degree student. The Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship website provides detailed information on bringing your family - go to


Worker's Rights

All people that work in Australia have basic rights and protection in the workplace.  These include the right to a minimum wage and conditions for any job you are employed to do.  For information about working conditions and rights, go to the Australian Government�s employment and workplace relations website or to the website of the Australian Workplace Ombudsman. These websites provide job seekers, employees and employers with information about finding a job, starting work and workplace issues.

Click here (PDF 386KB) to download a copy of the Australian Workplace Ombudsman's brochure entitled "What are my Workplace Rights?"

Another source of information relating to your employment rights whilst working in Victoria is JobWatch.

They are able to provide assistance to Victorian workers about their rights at work, they have information sheets on the following topics:

  • Misleading employment advertising
  • Superannuation
  • Unpaid trial work
  • Unfair dismissal and unlawful termination
  • Casual employment
  • Employment contracts
  • Getting paid and payslips
  • Hazards to door to door selling

Further information can be found at



For information about superannuation policy and practices in Australia, go to the Australian Government�s superannuation website.


"I�m working at a Thai restaurant in the suburbs near my homestay. They are very nice � I am allowed to take food home and at Christmas I received a bonus. They are interested in my studies and wish for me to do well."

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