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Life Beyond Study

The place where you study is also the place where you live. And Melbourne is a great place to live.

It�s also a great place to live after you�ve finished your studies.

Many students stay here after they graduate to consolidate their skills and launch their careers. International students with Australian qualifications account for about forty percent of the people who migrate to Australia under the General Skilled Migration Programme. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship has made a number of visas available to international students who want to live and work in Australia after their studies

The Victorian Government�s Live in Victoria website also provides comprehensive information for international students about migrating to Victoria under the Victorian Skilled and Business Migration Program. You can learn more about the skills in demand throughout Victoria through the regularly updated Eligibility Lists section of the Live In Victoria website. These lists identify skills that are in demand throughout Victoria, including occupations that may be eligible for sponsorship by the Victorian Government under the Skilled - Sponsored visa and Skilled � Regional Sponsored visa. Go to the Live in Victoria website to find out more about the skills we�re looking for at the moment.


"I would like to stay in Melbourne after my degree is completed and will probably apply for permanent residency. Melbourne is now a second home for me so no matter what happens I will always come back. I have so many friends here now."

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