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Our Education System

Our Education System

Our schools and universities attract students from all over the world because they have the highest standards and an international reputation. They also attract the best teachers. You’ll be taught by the best in the world; Nobel Prize winners, leaders in their professions, the brightest minds in all disciplines. The high standard of Victoria’s courses, as well as the superbly equipped facilities in which they’re run, and all student fees are government protected and guaranteed.

The range of courses is wider; everything from traditional academic disciplines, to fashion, design and new technology. There will be a campus, as well as a course, to suit you. Victoria’s education system is constantly evolving and adapting to meet the needs of students in the twenty-first century. It’s built on a tradition of success. Its future is assured.

Yours will be too.

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A Philosophy of Success

It’s not just the latest technology, the best teachers and the most well equipped facilities and infrastructure. Victoria’s success in education is built on a philosophy. Our approach to learning involves students. You’ll be supported, encouraged, stimulated and nurtured. You’ll have direct access to all your lecturers and tutors. Class sizes are small. Victoria’s education system is closely linked to industry. You’ll be taught by people who know the real world. They’ll prepare you for whatever you want to achieve: academic excellence, followed by a brilliant career.

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Choose your Own Path

Victoria’s education system has many components. It is intricately structured, but it is best understood as one system. Broadly speaking, it is comprised of primary and secondary schools, vocational education and training institutions, and universities.

However, there’s no clear line separating these areas. Many of them overlap. In any one institution it may be possible to find all of these activities. Our system is highly flexible. It is built around clear study pathways which allow students to move easily between courses and institutions.