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Ballarat is one of Australia's fastest growing inland cities. Located in Western Victoria, it has a rich history as part of Victoria’s Goldfields. This history can be seen through the stunning architecture, including the beautiful heritage listed buildings, the wide streets and magnificent statues throughout the city.

Students from overseas already studying here, love the informality and happiness of this regional city and its people. They like the modern open facilities, the safe clean streets and the work opportunities that local businesses offer international students.

Ballarat’s peaceful and safe environment is also conducive to good old fashioned study in student’s accommodation both on and off campus that is among the best in Australia.

But it’s not all hard work.  Ballarat also offers a captivating range of events, festivals, activities and attractions and is alive with classical and contemporary restaurants, cafes, bars and boutique hotels.

For more information on Ballarat visit the following websites:
(for information on Ballarat, select the "Victoria's Goldfields" region from the Map available on the Provincial Victoria website)

Download an information sheet about living in and around Ballarat (PDF, 760KB)

Listen to what students have to say about studying and living in Ballarat (WMV, 3.8MB)
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