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In the 1880s, Bendigo was the richest goldfield in the world and has since grown to be a vibrant town with tree-lined streets, elegant architecture and a population of approximately 100,000 people making it the third most populous city in Victoria.

Situated just under 2 hours drive from Melbourne, Bendigo boasts a number of colourful gardens and parks, bush walking tracks, art and craft galleries, antique stores and museums.  Accommodation is available to suit most budgets and day spas, where you will be pampered and preened, will help you unwind.

Bendigo's average summer temperature of 28 degrees and its sunny winter average of 12 degrees makes it a great place to enjoy outdoor activities.

For more information on Bendigo visit the following websites:
(for information on Bendigo, select the "Victoria's Goldfields" region from the Map available on the Provincial Victoria website)

Download an information sheet about living in and around Bendigo (PDF, 1.3MB)