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The Gippsland Education Precinct

The Gippsland Education Precinct is nestled in the small south eastern town of Churchill, near Morwell about two hours drive from Melbourne.

Locals, and there are about 5,000 of them, proudly call Churchill the “university” town of the natural resource rich Gippsland region.

While power generators showcase the region’s pre-eminence as Victoria’s major energy source, the area justifiably lays claim to the title “Victoria’s food bowl” with its vibrant dark soil, ideal for fruit and vegetables, its premium farming land producing the finest beef, milk and cheeses, and its exquisite national parks and forests.

Situated near a modern railway carrying very fast trains to the city of Melbourne, with snow fields just half an hour’s drive away, the area of Morwell and Churchill boast an international standard education network: including outstanding secondary VCE colleges, contemporary skills and training facilities and a world recognised university campus.

This idyllic rural education precinct provides a natural transitional program for international students from all over the world looking for safety, a relaxed caring environment, English language skills and innovative pathways to pursue their education in Australia.

For more information on Gippsland visit the following website:
(for information on Gippsland, select the "Gippsland" region from the Map available on the Provincial Victoria website)

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