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Coming to study in a city you may not be familiar with, and where you may not know anyone, can be a challenge. You�ll be leaving your friends and family, sometimes for years. You�ll be leaving a culture that�s familiar, and coming somewhere new. What�s it like? What�s the food like? The weather? The people?

That�s why many international students test the water before they take the plunge.

A good way to learn more about studying in Victoria, is to come here for a short-term study tour. They�re available for secondary and tertiary students, and combine educational programs with activities you�ll enjoy, and which will show you different aspects of living in Victoria. You�ll also make contacts that will be useful if you decide to return for a longer period of study.

All of Victoria�s schools, vocational education and training institutions and universities run these programs. Find out more about them by going to the course and institution search. For information on study tours at a Victorian Government school, go to the Government Schools International Education website.