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Support Services

Victorian VET providers have a range of support services to assist international students while they are studying. Services may include:

  • Childcare � Provision of childcare services may be available to students who have children and need them to be looked after while they attend classes.
  • Counselling - Counsellors provide a confidential service for students who require support and assistance in dealing with personal issues. This service is generally free of charge for students.
  • Disability - Students with disabilities can receive assistance in order to undertake their studies. This assistance may include adaptive technology, note-taking and sign interpreters. Check your eligibility with individual institutions.
  • Finance � Financial advice to assist students with various financial problems that may occur during their studies. Services may include provision of student loans and/or payment plan arrangements to pay tuition fees.
  • Study Support � There may be learning and academic support offered to students, ranging from help with the English language, assistance with essay writing and time organisation as well as buddy programs.