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Atika Farooqui

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Atika Farooqui, India, PhD in Public Health


I have spent five years studying in Melbourne so far. I came here because Victoria has the highest number of scholarships for international students and Melbourne has more universities than other cities. I have just finished my PhD here and love Melbourne so much I am now staying!

Melbourne is very beautiful and the people are friendly and helpful. There are people from many countries living very peacefully. An added bonus is that the food is just great! Melbourne has every food � there is even lots of Halal food which I didn�t expect before I came here.

I have received an excellent education in Melbourne. University facilities in Melbourne are of international standard and more than met my expectations. There is no hierarchy between staff and students in Australia and the teachers are very helpful.

A good memory I will take home of Melbourne is the weather. Coming from a warm country I love the four seasons in one day that you get in Melbourne! I have also discovered the Australian BBQ (outdoor cooking and eating ) which I love.

Melbourne has many things to do for every interest. There are beautiful beaches and peaceful places within an hour from Melbourne. My university has sponsored me to attend conferences in Sydney, Canberra, and Queensland � it was nice to see other parts of the country.

Melbourne has changed my life. I met my husband who was also studying in Melbourne and we married here. We now have a child and I have Australian residency and plan to begin post doctoral studies and pursue my career as an academic/researcher here. Melbourne has world famous medical and health research hospitals and institutes and there are many opportunities for me to progress my career.

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"Melbourne is very beautiful and the people are friendly and helpful. There are people from many countries living very peacefully together." — Atika Farooqui

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"When I first came to Melbourne I lived in homestay with an Australian family. It was a good start as I gradually learned how to live here�I have learned to be really independent in order to deal with all the daily life details which were done by my mother before." — Elva Zhang

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