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Chandana Gurung

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Chandana Gurung, Nepal, Masters of Public Health


I chose Melbourne for my Masters because it is one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

Studying in Melbourne has been totally different from my home country. We are always encouraged here to have our own point of view, which is quite a contrast to my experience at home. I have enjoyed the wide range of discussions on various topics in my classes.

Melbourne is a very beautiful city with many facilities. The city is well planned and it is easy to get around on public transport. It is one of the safest cities I have been to and even if you get lost you will reach your home safely. 

I especially enjoy the beauty of this city, specifically the green gardens and the cafés that are everywhere. People in Melbourne have a very carefree attitude and are very friendly.

I have visited many different places such as the snowfields at Mt Buller, the beaches along the Great Ocean Road, and the Otway mountains. There are many more places I plan to visit before I leave! I�d like to go to New Zealand, Tasmania, Central Australia and Sydney.

I have also been to many arts and culture shows and other different types of public gatherings. I have been volunteering with Oxfam and it has been a wonderful experience.

My advice to students coming to Melbourne is to learn a little about Australian culture and the other cultures you will find here. I sometimes find it a little lonely here because I miss my family but I can find many things to do in Melbourne and have made friends with people in my course.

I plan to return home once I finish my course and continue studying. I would like to join an NGO (non-government organisation) that has similar goals to what I have studied. I am interested in working with adolescent girls, specifically in the area of reproductive heath and HIV AIDS.

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