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Ed de Crespigny

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Ed de Crespigny, United Kingdom, Diploma of Clothing & Textiles


I specifically chose a TAFE course in Melbourne as I wanted a more technically based course. The teaching methods are geared to helping me learn about the industry which means I am building a good understanding of how to succeed once I have completed my studies. The teachers have been very friendly and encouraging. I use the school�s industrial machines for making garments and they are all very good quality.

Melbourne is a very friendly city. People will go out of their way to help you here. There are plenty of live music venues with good nightlife and service in bars and restaurants that make you immediately feel welcome. The city is very laid back and affordable. The climate is reasonable and there are plenty of outdoor activities. If you are into playing or watching sport then this is definitely the city for you.

Accommodation is on the whole very good and relatively cheap compared to the UK. Food is generally a very good standard.

I have worked part time in a furniture auction house in Melbourne. The working environment is very friendly and wages are pretty reasonable. Most importantly it was nice to find the company accommodating when it came to working out my hours around my studies. A lot of students need part time work to support themselves whilst studying, so it is good to know that flexible part time work is available. Also, I have been selling t-shirts with my designs in Melbourne boutiques while I am studying which has given me a little extra money.

As I have relatives living in Melbourne I probably did not have the experience many students might have when they first arrive. However, I think it is important to arrive as early as possible to get a feel for Melbourne before commencing your studies. Finding a place to live is very important and I think it is good to visit a few suburbs before making a decision � they can be very different. Some are quiet while others have lots of night life and shopping.

It may be a good idea to share a house with other students so you have an immediate opportunity to make new friends. Your school can help you find accommodation but you can also find it through the newspapers or notice boards at school. Joining a club of some description also helps. I made a number of friends by joining the St Kilda Baseball Club, where I have learned to play a new sport.

Once I am finished my studies I intend to apply for permanent residency stay in Australia. I am possibly going to launch straight into starting my own fashion brand, but may look to get some experience in the industry by finding a job for a few years first.

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