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Gusti Raka

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Gusti Raka, Indonesia, Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management


I am the fifth member of my family to come to Melbourne to study. The city has impressed me a lot - it is full of international students and the local people are so nice to you.

Everything is really organised and it�s easy to go anywhere. It is a great place to learn about new cultures and improve your language skills by interacting and communicating with all types of people.

One of the best things about Melbourne is the food and things to do when you are not studying. It is really easy to find all kinds of different food in Melbourne and it is not expensive. There are also lots of things to do with your mates when you are not studying.

I will tell my mates at home to try studying overseas because this is the best way to learn about life. My advice to new international students is that you get a little homesick at first but try hard to learn about new things and interact with other people here. It makes you an independent person because you need to do everything for yourself.

The staff at my college are really helpful, especially my teachers. They make you work hard but it is the best thing for your future. You can totally concentrate on your studies here which has been really good because at home it extremely hard because there are so many distractions.

I want to gain as much work experience as I can when I finish my course.� Melbourne is the land of opportunity to get work experience, especially for the hospitality industry. While I am still young I look forward to achieving my goal of getting a job in one of the big hotels in Melbourne or even in Europe.

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