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Health services in Melbourne

"The health services are very convenient and provide good service. They are very helpful to international students here." — Tuyen Tran

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Multicultural Melbourne.

"Melbourne is very beautiful and the people are friendly and helpful. There are people from many countries living very peacefully together." — Atika Farooqui

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Sport and entertainment

"I enjoy the access to major sporting occasions� The Australian Open tennis, Formula 1 Grand Prix, rugby, cricket and the 2006 Commonwealth Games." — Owen Tracey

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Chandana Gurung

Masters of Public Health Read more about Chandana Gurung

Gusti Raka

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management Read more about Gusti Raka

Ahmed Mujibur Rahman Munib

Medicine (PhD Psychiatry) Read more about Ahmed Mujibur Rahman Munib