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Marcia Soumokil

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Marcia Soumokil, Indonesia, Masters of Public Health


I think the term the most liveable city in the world is the right term to introduce Melbourne to outsiders. I am very glad I chose Melbourne and I love it for the combination of high quality education and good lifestyle.

Melbourne is very beautiful, has lots of city parks, and public transport takes you anywhere and is safe. There are also many cultural things to do, like galleries and museums. International students should try to explore these facilities as they will find a lot of new things. Melbourne has many social things to do and many cultures, which helps me when I sometimes get homesick.

I was surprised by the multicultural environment of Melbourne when I first arrived. There are people from all over the world living peacefully here. I live in a student hostel with 21 friends from many different countries which I enjoy very much. Most of all, I love that I can find Asian food everywhere in Melbourne. There are many new foods you can try in Melbourne too.

I have found the university staff and teachers very helpful, especially when it comes to helping me with educational, social and cultural barriers. The educational facilities at my university are world-class. I use the sporting facilities at my university, as well as the post graduate centres, the student union house and libraries. I have very much enjoyed using the libraries especially. I have also joined a number of discussion groups at my university.

Best of all I have enjoyed the balance between my serious studies and social life in Melbourne. I was just amazed when most of my lecturers emphasised balancing my studies with enjoying my leisure time on weekends! That is something I will never find in my own country.

In my leisure time I go to clubs and cafes, watch movies, travel to the countryside or just hang around Federation Square. I have tried snow skiing and it was a lot of fun! I have also visited art galleries and museums which I never did in my home country!

I am planning to return to Indonesia and continue my work as a government officer so I can implement my public health course there. However, my international experience in Melbourne has encouraged me to perhaps try for international fieldwork with international agencies.

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