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Pirawan Thammakahan

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Pirawan Thammakahan, Thailand, Diploma of Business


The thing that has really impressed me about Melbourne is that it�s not crowded with people but there are lots of things to do. I was in Sydney when I first arrived in Australia but it was too busy for me. Before I came to Melbourne I thought there would be few things of interest or things to do because it is a much smaller city than Bangkok, where I come from. But there are many things to do. The environment is very clean and there are lots of parks and gardens everywhere. The architecture is very interesting and public transport is easy and safe.

I recommend living in homestay if you wish to improve your English skills fast. I live in a family with an �Aussie� dad and a Thai Mum, which I like very much. One of the memories I will take home is how good Australian people have been to me.

I am also presently working at a Thai restaurant in the suburbs near my homestay home, which I found by just asking at the restaurant. They are very nice - I am allowed to take food home and at Christmas I received a bonus. They are interested in my studies and wish for me to do well.

My teachers have been very helpful and the courses I have studied in Melbourne have been very good.

My first course was a Diploma of Business. I am fast-tracking my studies, so it took me six months to complete this course. 

This will give me credits to study a Bachelor degree at university. I am studying at a TAFE near the city now but I am interested to study at a university a little out of the city where it is even quieter and less busy. Once I finish that, I would like to do an extra course in Hotel and Hospitality.

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