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Tuyen Tran

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Tuyen Tran, Vietnam, Medicine


I will remember Melbourne best for its multiculturalism. Melbourne is a mixture between modern and ancient buildings and culture. You can enjoy a wide variety of international food without having to travel far in the city and everything is easy to find. I can find my traditional food in Melbourne which is really helpful when I am homesick.

Life in Melbourne encourages me to become independent. Public transport can take you anywhere you want and the drivers and pedestrians are always eager to help.

Sharing house with other students coming from different countries makes it easy to have a good social life. You can share about culture, food and life experiences. I often spend my leisure time shopping or discovering Melbourne. You always find something new. I have also been wine tasting in the beautiful areas outside Melbourne.

Studying in Melbourne gives me practical knowledge and hands on experience.

The campus of my university is impressively beautiful. It is large and spacious with green lawns where students can relax and enjoy the warm sun. The medical faculty has an International Student Support Program which helps overseas students overcome communication difficulties with patients and other aspects of the course. The professors and other staff are very devoted and friendly.

The sports centre at my university is very large, modern, and well equipped. I often play badminton with friends I have made. The health services are very convenient and provide good service. They are very helpful to international students here.

My advice to other students coming to Melbourne is to try food from the many cultures here. It is great fun!

I have just started my journey to medicine which takes six years to complete. Having done my first year in Melbourne I feel more involved in the medical career; I would like to continue my internship years in Melbourne.

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